Love at first sight

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Ohhhh of course I write this long drawn out blog and then it somehow all gets deleted when I add a picture. Ugh! I guess that’s what I get for being new at this. Well let’s see if I can recount what I typed the first time…

So after about two weeks I finally went back to the shelter yesterday for my weekly volunteer shift. I had really missed those furry rascals! I was a bit frazzled since I was the only volunteer for that shift and there were far more dogs than I could possibly walk in only 2 hours. Usually I can do about 7 at the most. I can’t help but take the dogs on longer walks; those poor guys deserve it.
So I usually try to take out the guys who have been waiting the longest, and in this case the first ones I saw were the pitt pups. It’s hard to believe that there are still 4 of them there as we’ve had them for at least a few months and we have had them since they were newborns! I thought puppies got adopted fast? I guess they are sort of intimidating looking.
So I took Bentley out for a little walk.. it ended short because he (like the rest of the pitt pups I soon realized) is bad on a leash and afraid of cars and going too far from the shelter. After dropping him off, I went into the back to see if there were any dogs not on display that needed to go out. And that’s when I saw her.
She was a medium sized black lab, with the most beautiful eyes. It was absolutely love at first sight. When I went in there, she sat politely and patiently for me and upon touching her fur I noticed that she had the most beautiful, soft coat. Her personality turned out to be as sweet as her loving eyes. When I got closer to attach the leash, she came closer and attacked me with kisses, licking all over my face. I told her I loved her and that she was coming home with me, wishing I could believe that statement.
Lucy turned out to be my ideal dog. She was potty trained and great on the leash. She showed a bit of her playful, puppy side (as her info card said she is between six months and a year old) but she was not an aggressive leash puller. I tried to make my walk with her as long as possible because I adored her company and knew in the back of my mind that that was probably the only time I would ever get to spend with her.
When we got back to the shelter, I sat in her cage with her for a bit and patted her. She is so full of love. And when I left, she just stared at me with her longing eyes. I want a dog so badly, and I would have taken her home right then if I weren’t financially unstable as I am right now. Unfortunately, I was told that a lady who also fell in love with her was probably going to come back Wednesday to adopt her. Too bad they can’t put her on hold for me for a couple of months. :\

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