Dachshund memories

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Since I didn’t volunteer this week because of the holiday, I’ll share an old but fond dog-related memory instead.

This had to be about seven or eight years ago, when I lived with my parents and we had a mini dachshund. By this time she was super old, like 14 or 15 and kind of a grouch from her years of being prodded and tormented by the neighborhood kids. She had given up eating her regular dry food so my mom had bought this sort of soft-dry food, kind of the same texture as a bakery cookie where it’s not completely crunchy.

Anyway, Gretel the dog had devoured her meal of this new food. She absolutely loved the break from years of dried out food. Later that evening, I was walking around the hard wood floor in the kitchen, with my slippers on, minding my own business. Suddenly I completely lost my balance and almost fell flat on the floor. Luckily, I caught myself on the counter. I looked down to see what it was that made the floor so slippery, and it was this giant pile of mushy dog poop that was completely odorless. I’d had no idea whatsoever. Until it was smeared all over the floor and the bottom of my slipper of course.

As everyone in the family laughed at me, I hobbled on one slipper over to the laundry room to wash off the bottom of my other slipper. I cleaned it all off easily and left the one there next to the sink to dry. I made my way back to the living room because I had planned on sitting down to watch some tv when suddenly my sock foot soaked up some wetness. Apparently I had also found the pee puddle with that same foot. How unfortunate!


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