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Posted on April 20, 2009. Filed under: dogs, pets |

A lot has transpired over the past week. I came to the realization that I am absolutely ready to adopt a dog. I have the time, money saved up, and an open heart just waiting for a furry friend to supplement my happiness. My sister and I had some arguments regarding adding a new member to our family. She came up with all kinds of issues like money, and my future dog getting along with her current pet. But I think the underlying issue here was that she didn’t want me to get a dog/doesn’t want another dog in the home. Anyway I think we finally settled it because I’m getting a dog either way. There’s no way I could wait a whole year until our lease is up so that I could get my own place and dog.

Anyway I have been looking all over the internet (read: for dogs that fit my criteria. I had especially been looking at the website for the shelter at which I volunteer because I know they would feel more comfortable adopting a dog to me than other shelters who don’t know me. I spotted a few I liked on their website, and I had my volunteer shift yesterday so I was extremely antsy, anxious, and excited that I was about to begin my new dog-filled life.

One dog I was particularly attracted to was a basenji mix and this was very appealing to me because I would love to have a dog that doesn’t bark. She was a very pretty dog and the perfect size. A little shy like me. But as soon as I took her out on our walk, she barked at every car that drove by and tried to lunge at them! Deal breaker. I know it’s possible to train a dog out of these kind of habits, but I’d rather not have a big issue like that to deal with.

The next dog I thought I might like turned out to have been adopted the previous day. So oh well. Some of the other dogs that I walked had great personalities or were the perfect size but not both. I just can’t allow myself to adopt a large dog and keep it couped up in my little apartment. It’s not fair for the pup. :-\

Soooo my quest goes on…


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