April 24 2009

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Ellie in the car on our way home

Ellie in the car on our way home

The day has finally come! So I shall start from the beginning.

It was Wednesday morning and I was doing my daily Petfinder search that I do every morning when I get to my computer. As I was scrolling through the dogs I skipped over the 20 or so dogs still on the site that I had already checked out. Then something cute caught my eye so I clicked on her page. I was also particularly intrigued by the little link next to her name that said “VIDEO”. As I read the description, I felt this strange feeling growing inside of me. This was the one, I just knew it. She was perfect. A medium sized german shepherd mix that gets along well with other dogs, is good on the leash, and overall just a fantastic dog. The video was of someone rubbing her belly and then her getting up and walking around and she was such a doll.

My pulse quickened as I showed her to my mom and sister and tried to figure out if I had time to go visit her that day. Fortunately my boss allowed me to leave work early and my boyfriend got his boss to let him out too so he could meet me there just in case. I had to wait a couple of hours because the shelter didn’t open until 2pm so I anxiously tried to focus on my work as I waited out the day. My anxiety caused me to pee at least six times in that short workday and I was too excited to eat!

Finally the hours passed and I was able to take off. I nervously drove what seemed like forever until I finally got to the shelter. As I walked through all their twisting hallways to get to the dog area, I could feel my pulse quickening and my hands starting to shake. I noticed her right away, jumping up on the cage and barking to try to get my attention. When I bent down to pet her, she licked my hand like crazy. After telling the employees that I was interested, they made me fill out an adoption application before I could take her out of the cage and meet. My hands were shaking so badly I could hardly write my own name.

Then they put us in this little room with a couch and brought “Keiki” in. She climbed up and down off the couch and over our laps because she was just so happy to get out of her cage. After we gave her many tummy rubs and played with her for a bit, they let us take her outside. She was an A+ student on the leash. So pleasant and friendly. What a dream come true! After the adoption process was finished, I learned that they had to send her to the vet to make sure she is spayed so I couldn’t take her home until Friday. I had to wait two whole days to see her again!

It was an anxious 48 hours as I hardly got any sleep or food because I was too excited to allow my brain to rest or allow my stomach to feel empty. But the time finally came and I headed toward the shelter. They brought her out and I was so so happy. I walked her around the park after leaving the shelter, and put  on her new collar and leash. I changed the name to Ellie. And let me tell you, Ellie is a gem!


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2 Responses to “April 24 2009”

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So glad you found a good home Ellie. I did too. My parents adopted me last year and I couldn’t be happier.

I’m glad to hear that! I’m all about adoption, I just wish everyone else could see the importance of adoption too.

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